Story Skirt One "Leave Me Alone"

And so it begins. This is an 8 gore skirt using 2 brown fabrics that were remnants. I started buying remnants when my daughters were babies and 21 years later I'm still buying them. They also came in handy when I started quilting. This doesn't look like much, a bunch of scraps in leaf shapes stuck on a brown skirt. Well, this is only the beginning of the story! I used the pillowcase method of applique because I don't want the stiffness of double sided fusible since I'll be embroidering (by hand) though it. Next step after sewing down the leaves will be vines. Lots of 'em. Think Lord of the Rings.

The leaves are tears just welling under the surface but too angry? pent-up? to release. I rarely cry and too many times just want to be left alone.

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ACey said...

hey can't wait to see the vines in place. I am a "leave me alone" person, too ...