Pillowcase Applique Tutorial

I frequently forget about this method even though it's pretty easy and takes just a little more time than fusible applique. I don't like the stiffness with the 2 sided fusible and this gives me a couple of options since at the onset I'm not sure whether I'll be machine or hand sewing.

Here I've used fusible lightweight interfacing. It works especially well when layering appliques and a more permanent placing is desired without having to hold it down with pins.

1. Trace the shapes on the wrong side of the fabric with an ordinary pencil. Place the right side of the fabric to the glue/fusible side of the interfacing. Sew on the pencil line (or close to it!)

2. Cut around the stitching 1/8" away and clip curves if necessary. Carefully cut an opening in the interfacing only.

3. Turn to the right side. A knitting needle is handy for the points. Resist the urge to press them. Remember there is glue on the back and you'll need to apply them to your ground fabric before you get crazy with the iron.

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