Back to the Future

Ever have those days where you don't feel quite like yourself? I've been trying to re-connect the dots for the last 3 years and after reading this woman's blog I'm inspired to tell my own story in cloth. Well, I used to do that years ago but didn't realize it!
Instead of quilts, I'm telling my story in skirts. Less surface area to cover and hey, I like the fact they allow the wearer to make a public statement. Less blanket, more fashionista.

Anyway, I dug this one up from the archives. It's an old denim skirt embellished with embroidery and traveled with the Sulky challenge some years back. It's entitled "Home of the Brave" because we all know America was home to the Native American Indian braves. Uh, we used to be "land of the free" but that doesn't seem to apply in these troubled times.

All the embroidery is done on the machine, free motion style.

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