You Might Be Irish if.....

you are wowed by this crocheted coat.

Do you know Dover? They publish really cool books for artists and craftspeople. I found this beauty at the thrift store. It might still be in print.

For a contempory look at how Irish crochet, check out this Japanese blog
http://ammit.exblog.jp/ by a woman who really knows her stuff. Scroll down to the vest!

Oh yeah, my grandmother was O'Conner. I really am part Irish.

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Lizz said...

Wow! That is a stunner! I'm hoping that I can find that book at the library... I would love to find out more about Irish Crochet. It has a very unique appearance.
Thanks for stopping by my blog! I agree with you that working in a quilting shop will keep my paycheck intact, but only if I don't catch the quilting bug! Hehe...