Garden Delight Poncho

Ok, I'm on a roll here. 3 posts in one day! Everybody likes salad, right? But do you like to wear it? We'll see. This is the first side of the poncho that I'm knitting for my daughter. She likes green and while the red may look like tomatoes it's more of a rust. The loom is fantastic if you like to work with highly textured yarns in the same project. The gauge seems to remain constant regardless of weight and homespun and eyelash are MUCH easier to work with on the loom. I've tried eyelash on straight needles and gave up after 3 rows.

Yes, this was filmed on my granite countertop courtesy of dear husband (Mr. computer geek) who works for a countertop/flooring company.

Later this evening a real salad will be prepared on this top!

Oh, I might also mention this is knitted in a Fibonacci sequence. The daughter is a math whiz.

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