Suit Up

I know you've done it. There was a misalignment of the planets and you bought some disgusting fabric. Years later you discover this fabric and while you really want to throw it out, your frugal and environmentally correct self won't allow it. Such is the case with The Suit. In the picture, it looks OK but really it's a cheesy poly knit. This is a test to check the fit and once that is accomplished I hope to unload it to a charity that gives business clothes to women starting new jobs. The only thing outstanding about this suit is the velvet collar that has free motion quilting because yours truly forgot the important step of interfacing. The skirt is Simplicity 4885 and the jacket is McCalls 5058. Next time I'll add a back seam to the skirt and insert the zipper there instead of the side. Also, I think the back seam is slimming even though The Girl is thin already and doesn't need slimming features.
Do those sleeves look way too long? Not for the long armed women in this family! Yep, long legs too. No hate mail, please.

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