This is Why I Needed A Fly

This is a test pair for dear daughter. I won't know if they fit until the weekend and then I can whip up some in her favorite pinstripe. Normally she's a jean and t-shirt gal but got a gig workin' in an attorney's office so she needs nice clothes. Did the fly work out as planned? Oh yes! I used a 7" zipper so the pull extended off the top edge and didn't even need a zipper foot.

Most pants patterns are too baggy and these 2 patterns were no exception when I compared her measurements. I used the crotch curve from the Stretch and Sew (circa 1974) and the flare from the 1968 Bell Bottoms Simplicity pattern. However, the rise would still be too high to suit her so I lowered the front with a contour. The back is also lowered but much higher than the front. The waistband is straight and cut one inch shorter and eased on. I closed up what was left of the darts before cutting the pants.

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