Poor Little Neglected Blog

Nah, it can't be nearly 2 years since I've updated this blog. When you first start a blog you're pretty sure nobody is reading it anyway so there's no pressure to write. I can't write a blog without uploading pictures and that's where the problem lies. Sewing the thing up is fun but trying to find adequate lighting, taking the pictures, uploading them to the computer, editing them, etc., takes more time and energy than the stitching.

I will try to do better. You may know that I have an obsession with corsets and corset type tops. When Project Alabama came on the scene I fell in love immediately. They are made from t shirts and don't offer the support or waist cinching capabilities that real corsets do but they are beautiful in their own right. A proper corset with lots of bones also helps with posture and that's exactly what I need. Here's a few experiments in patchwork:

The elastic at the top edge keeps it close to the body so no chance of boobies spilling over.

The boning could be more comfortable but not worse than those pokey underwires in bras. In fact, wearing a corset is quite different than a bra since the breasts are supported by the bones and not being held up by the shoulders.

I have lots of scraps to use up and I think quilting the panels will make it soft and more comfy.

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