First Came the Jacket

Yes, I have a thing for jackets. I can't resist buying them for 99 cents and I can play with new techniques without having to put any work into the construction. At this price, who cares if I screw it up? This tweedy number wasn't anything special considering it was an Apt 9 brand from Kohls and originally had a detachable faux fur collar that wasn't on the jacket when I found it at thrift. The back had to be taken in as it was 18" across and my girl is 15" (including ease) so I started at the shoulders and tapered a dart into a V, creating a pleat below the waist.

Before work began I found this fantastic matching plum denim at JoAnns on clearance for $4 for the skirt and wanted to incorporate this fabric into the jacket.

I played with ways to attach it to the sleeves to make them longer (a common alteration for the long-arm people) and ended up unpicking the lining and attaching the denim to the lining so it hangs past the sleeve. It worked pretty well and added a thread chain to keep it from twisting.

I had remembered a technique from an older issue of Threads about trimming edges with narrow strips of loosely woven fabric and here I used a 1/2" bias strip and teased the edges with a brush. This worked well so I added 2 rows of strips to the sleeve edges to tie the whole thing together. Also, I added buttons to the sleeve and since they were trimmed in gold, the button on the back bow is also gold. The button on the front was a self-fabic button which I usually find attractive but in this case it was too bland so replaced it with one that provided some contrast.

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