Garage Sale Friday

I love summer!
1. No snow to shovel
2. Tons of garage sales

Twins for only $50. Height adjustable. If only my form was this size. *sigh*

This old quilt is mighty heavy and it looks like there is a double wedding ring under the fans. It's in ragged condition and hey it was only 2 bucks so I won't feel bad taking it apart. I bought it as a cutter anyway.
I made a commitment this year to not use plastic bags, keeping them out of my house and the landfill so I have to remember to carry tote bags with me at all times. Ok, maybe I shop too much. Anyway, this is a big un and will hold lots of fabric and luckily I got 2 of them for a buck a piece.
Did you know cotton breaks down in the landfill in a matter of months? I'm probably the only one on the block with dryer lint and strips of cotton mulching my tomato plants.

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