Baby, It's Cold Outside

I've never made a coat before but it's like making a jacket, only longer. It's actually black poly suede lightened up with photo retouch. I actually don't like polyester but I hate dry cleaning more. Everything I sew has to survive the washer. The lining is a nice plaid cotton flannel. The suede is a micro suede so it just might breathe a little. I know some people don't like JoAnns but you have to admit the prices are good. In the clearance section I've found nice silks and rayons and 100% wool. When it's half off we're talkin' $2.50 a yard. That's hard to beat. Well, the real reason I like JoAnns is the 3 mile proximity to my house. Too close considering how much I love fabric.

Here's the el cheapo pattern I used but drafted a new patch pocket to fit between the seams. (Butterick 4902) I didn't try it out, but the inseam pocket seems like it would be too close the front of the coat and not a natural place to put one's hand. I also shortened the coat 5" so it's a 3 quarter length. This is what the daughter ordered.

Yes, it was easy to sew and since the lining hangs free there was no need to "bag it". Yup, I'd make it again.

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